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Blushing Cad is a musician operated recording studio in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in Rock and caters to working class musicians. 

BY THE SONG - $300 per song tracked AND mixed

By far the best value. I like to do it like this so nobody is staring at the clock worrying about how high the bill is getting. Everybody can relax and take their time to make sure that the project comes together organically. 

BY THE HOUR - $30/hr for studio and engineer

A good option if you already have something halfway finished and it just needs a vocal track or some extra guitar layers. Or if you plan on doing the recording yourself and you just want a live room to track the drums in. 

MIXING - $200/song for outside and hourly projects

Mixing is included in the price if you tracked with me on the "per song" option. However if you have some pre-recorded projects that have never gotten properly mixed I would be more than happy to get my hands dirty with them. 

MASTERING - $75 per song

Mastering is done out of my separate home studio and is available upon request. 

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