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Hi. I'm Ryan. And I'm addicted to music.


I started gigging out when I was 15. I went in to my first “professional” recording studio when I was 16. I made my first home recording when I was 18, and went out on tour for the first time when I was 19. In the years since… I have done a whole hell of a lot more of all of those, and I’ve picked up a couple things along the way.


Often times while out on the road, I would run into bands who were absolutely phenomenal. But when I asked for a CD... turns out they had no recorded music of themselves. Usually due to lack of funds, lack of recording knowledge, or both. Conversely, I would always meet really good bands who had bragged about working with “Producer X” or “Engineer Y” and how much money they had dropped in the studio… but when I listened to their CD… It just didn't sound like "them". I remember times when I personally would spend months in a recording studio with my own band, working with a producer because of his "prestigious" recording education, only to be appalled with the results and have to scrap an entire album worth of music.


Some people have "the ear", and some people don't. I like to think I've got it. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some studios where the crew had it… and unfortunate enough to work in some where they didn’t. All the expensive equipment and recording school degrees in the world couldn’t make those 2 studios sound the same. For many years I experimented on my own with recording (mostly for personal projects and those of friends), while at the same time taking a more traditional, professional approach with my own band, “Love and a .38”. As a result, I have learned a lot about both “budget” studios, and “professional” studios. I have taken that knowledge and built both a recording studio and a recording technique that borrows aspects from both schools of thought. The results speak for themselves.


Music recorded at Blushing Cad has been featured in Classic Rock Magazine, Revolver, NBC,  played in major sports stadiums, and on radio stations all across the world. My long history on the "artist" side of the microphone helps me pull out the best possible performances from anyone who walks into my studio. And when the performances are good... the rest is easy. I create an environment that is low stress, low pressure, and very conducive to creativity. Music is supposed to be fun. Recording should be, too. 


So whether you’re a full band, a singer/songwriter, or just someone who has music in their soul and needs to get it out… I have the tools and the knowledge to help you accomplish that. I don’t want to just sit behind the board and hit record… I want to help you make the product as good as it can possibly be. 


Ryan Hudson

Music Addict

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